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Fallout 4 Lip Sync Mod

Vertical Sync, or VSync for short, is the synchronization of your graphics card with your monitor's capability to display a certain number of whole graphics frames per second on the screen. This is known as a monitor's Refresh Rate, measured in Hz. For example, a 60Hz monitor refreshes the screen fast enough to display 60 whole frames per second (60 FPS). When VSync is enabled, the GPU becomes locked to the monitor's refresh rate, passing one whole frame to the monitor at a time, and only when it is ready to refresh. VSync is covered in detail on this page of the Gamer's Graphics & Display Settings Guide.

Fallout 4 Lip Sync Mod

VSync is enabled by default on all systems in Fallout 4, and there are no in-game options to control it. The main benefit of VSync is that it prevents a graphical phenomenon known as 'tearing', which occurs any time your GPU and monitor go out of sync, and the GPU is providing more frames than the monitor can display in a refresh cycle. What winds up being displayed is two or more overlapping partial frames. If the scene is in motion, these partial frames will be slightly different from each other, and thus the scene will look like it's been horizontally torn in two and the top and bottom portions will look misaligned. A screenshot demonstrating the effect is provided here.

2. Adaptive VSync - For Nvidia GPU owners with 60Hz or 120Hz monitors only, the option to use Adaptive VSync is also available. Adaptive VSync is a hybrid form of VSync which dynamically switches VSync on or off depending upon your framerate: it automatically enables VSync whenever your framerate exceeds the refresh rate, and disables it whenever your framerate falls below the refresh rate. This caps your framerate to the refresh rate, prevents the performance drop usually associated with VSync, provides smoother framerates, and reduces input lag and tearing. However, Adaptive VSync can't completely eliminate tearing, and it may still result in some input lag, unlike option 1 above. To enable Adaptive VSync, in the Nvidia Control Panel under Manage 3D Settings, go to the 'Program Settings' tab, select the 'Fallout 4 (fallout4.exe)' profile, and go to the 'Vertical Sync' option - for a 60Hz monitor select Adaptive; for a 120Hz monitor select 'Adaptive (half refresh rate)'. This will cap your maximum framerate to 60 FPS.

Actors will equip tongues and make ahegao faces during sex ("Ahegao" is when people make silly faces and stick out their tongue during sex. It's a Japanese word because of course it is). You can configure who gets tongues and when in the MCM menu.Requires Mfg Fix and SexLab Beta 7 (not yet compatible with 9, untested in , HDT if you choose the HDT version (you should) plus SkyUI for the MCM menu, and SKSE for fancy NiNodeUpdate magics, and PapyrusUtil SE to store some values.For SexLab, this mod gives you lip sync, expressions, and tongues, and no lip stutter. You can also equip the tongues any time from your inventory and characters will open/close their mouths to accommodate them.About the tongues: I used the same ten Halo ones everyone uses (and one from Artsick for Argonians -it looks kinda terrible but I'm not a 3D modeler. Also, thanks to jiahaoiii3 for the HDT version). I changed the textures to look better (Artsick again, in part), gave them a bit of shininess in nifskope, and raised up the female versions to fit better in their mouths. Characters open their mouths in slightly different ways depending on which tongue they equip and whether they're male, female, khajiit, argonian. Khajiit work okayish, Argonians only have one tongue and it looks terrible, but \_(ツ)_/.Important Note: To make this work, I had to replace two SexLab files: sslBaseExpression and sslBaseVoice. I did that, because I couldn't hook into them in a non-invasive way. That said, I did not delete nor change the parameters of any function, so other SexLab mods should still be compatible (and I should know because I have a LOT of SexLab mods, and they all work perfectly fine still).Tongues get applied when the actors 'pleasure' or 'pain' variables reach certain thresholds and the actor has a moan or voice line -these pleasure and pain variables also drive the intensity of the characters' emotions in their faces, so faces towards the end of the sex act when everyone's pleasure is really high have stronger expressions than at the beginning. It supports up to ten characters having sex at a time. The expressions are generated semi-randomly according to intensity (not stage), so it doesn't matter what your SL presets are -they're not used.I'm pretty happy with the way it works, so I don't have new features planned. I tried (hard) to make characters look at each other (headtracking) at certain moments during sex, but couldn't crack it -it might not be possible with the way the animations work, but if I'm wrong and someone could lend a hand please do. Same for the issue where the player head won't update armor addon without a NiNodeUpdate -if anyone has suggestions there, please go ahead.No one has ported this to LE, but you have open permission to try. No idea if it works in VR or Xbox, etc. Feel free to try it.For best results, get the extra-expressive mods: , , 've open permissions to do anything you wish, just please include me in the credits and make sure to everyone below, even Fable:CREDITS:Halo for the tongues -archive/ and jiahaoiii3 for the HDT versions.Fable for spending hours helping me out with tough pieces of code. You need to play his quest/follower mod, it's the best follower ever and the story made me cry: for the Argonian tongue and some textures and team for SexLab, this whole thing wouldn't exist without it


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