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[S2E2] Mild Mannered

After months of hopeful expectation at the post office, Myka's personal effects are finally delivered - but Pete's are still missing. Myka doesn't have long to enjoy her homey treasures before Artie sends her and Pete off to Detroit to investigate a vigilante who can bend steel and hurl people through walls. A local officer takes them to Loretta's Coffee Shop, to see if they can glean some information from the neighborhood watch, but they are soon pulled away by another crime, where they discover something truly bizarre: A crime-fighting superhero, whom Pete identifies as the Iron Shadow. The only information Pete gathers from the warehouse is that Artie is more cranky than usual. Things are tense between Leena and Claudia after MacPherson used Leena as his pawn, but what really has Artie bothered is that he keeps seeing images of MacPherson. Finally the girls get him to confess, and the three decide that on Rasputin's Rosary is responsible for the haunting. They give it a good cleansing, but the time working together has been too much, and Leena and Claudia have a nasty fight. Myka and Pete question Loretta and her friend Sheldon, but when they prove to be a dead end, the pair head to the comic book shop for some research. Pete, who has all the Iron Shadow issues but one, utters the Iron Shadow's catchphrase, which Myka heard Sheldon say earlier. They decide to question Sheldon further, and head to his house. He soon confesses, only to turn into his alter ego, demand they leave Detroit, and fly away. Myka deduces that he's altering his density, but still has no idea how. The team believes that Sheldon is using Jack Kirby's Belt, and as Myka and Pete follow Sheldon to the coffee shop, Claudia heads to Detroit with a counter weapon. Sheldon's anger causes gravity waves that accidentally injure Loretta. Panicking, Sheldon flees. Artie, meanwhile, is still not rid of MacPherson's ghost, and at Leena's urging, he finally discovers the true cause of his former partner's presence: The death they shared by grace of the Phoenix. Myka prepares to don Claudia's invention - an energy-absorbing suit and redirecting gloves - and the team, with Loretta, head towards Sheldon's hideout, the defunct auto factory. Myka makes contact with the contrite Sheldon and absorbs his energy, and Claudia and Pete rush in to neutralize the belt. As they do, Sheldon's density again builds to maximum, threatening to pancake the entire city. Sheldon yells to them that it's his superhero's trunks causing the density manipulation. Heroically, Myka steps in to siphon and redirect his energy once again. She reaches him just in time, and they neutralize the trunks. Given Sheldon's mild-mannered demeanor and regret at his actions, they decide to let him go, to live a normal life with Loretta. Humbled by this display of forgiveness, Claudia decides she can finally forgive Leena. They all head home, where Artie has made peace with MacPherson and purged the warehouse of his ghost. And Myka has a housewarming surprise waiting for Pete: a giant TV, and, more importantly, issue #146 of The Iron Shadow - the only issue missing from his collection.

[S2E2] Mild Mannered

The person in question is Creighton, whom the player may also encounter twice throughout their travels. Creighton claims that Pate isn't as mild-mannered as his name suggests, and in fact betrayed Creighton. Creighton is thusly trying to hunt Pate down for his supposed betrayal, and warns the player of Pate's unscrupulous and two-faced antics. He also mentions of a ''mysterious ring'' Pate has equipped, which refers back to the ring Pate previously stated he 'collected' from another traveller

YOU stars Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a seemingly mild-mannered bookstore manager. It's quickly revealed, however, that Joe harbors dark secrets and even darker tendencies. After a chance meeting with fledgling writer, Guinevere Beck, Joe quickly became obsessed. With a darkly comedic voice-over from Badgley allowing audiences a glimpse at his inner thoughts, Joe ingratiated himself into Beck's life by any means necessary. With every new obstacle and every knowing subversion of the rom-com formula, Joe went to further and further extremes. All of which ultimately culminated in a string of murders.

It's a beautiful day in suburbia where mild-mannered bachelor Harold Thompson (George Wendt of CHEERS) is happily at work in his basement building the perfect family. But when a young couple moves in nextdoor, Harold sets his sights on the sexy young wife (Meredith Monroe of DAWSON'S CREEK). In a sunshine world of picket fences and manicured lawns, is it ever possible to know what gruesome plans are percolating in the minds of your neighbors? Matt Keeslar (SCREAM 3, ROSE RED) co-stars in this grisly black comedy with a killer twist from Director John Landis (AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, ANIMAL HOUSE) and Writer Brent Hanley (FRAILTY).

Who is Nadia Vulvokov? Nadia is a video game designer born and raised in New York City. On the night of her 36th birthday, she becomes trapped in a nightmarish time loop that takes her on a journey of intense personal discovery. Along the way, she crosses paths with Alan Zaveri, a mild-mannered man who finds himself in the very same predicament. Together, they help each other find a pathway back to normality. However, four years later, the universe will start messing with them once again. 041b061a72


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