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Steganos Safe Professional 2008 10.1.4694

Emergency decryption with the Emergency Decryption Key (EDK) (can be switched off) Share secure drives in a network 256 Bit AES in real time USB stick as key (can be switched off) Shredder (optional) Automatic updates Active Directory support No training, no hidden costs Any number of safes Use mobile phones as access tokens for secure drives (can be switched off) Only the best passwords Security policies MSI-based installation Steganos Portable Safe (can be switched off) Dynamic safe size Automatic-Crash-Protection (ACP).Steganos Safe Professional 2008 10.1.4694 Requirements:

Steganos Safe Professional 2008 10.1.4694

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100 MB of space on your hard drive for installation Screen resolution of at least 800x600 pixels High color (16 Bit) At least 256 MB of free memory At least Pentium or comparable CPU A mouse or another Windows-compatible pointing device For Steganos Safe: Additional hard-disk space is needed for the secure drives. In order to use 256 GB per drive, you need the NTFS file system. The FAT32 file system enables a maximum capacity of 4 GB per secure drive. For Portable Safe: CD or DVD burner with corresponding software. Optional and temporary up to 8.5 GB hard-drive space for the Portable Safe package files. In order to use a Portable Safe on another computer administrator privileges are required for the installation of the decryption program. Secure drives cannot be decrypted when stored on compressed NTFS drives. Supported key devices: ActiveSync-compatible devices (e.g. SmartPhones, PDAs), all devices that are recognized by Windows as rewriteable removable media (e.g., USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras). No key devices are included in the delivery.Steganos Safe Professional 2008 10.1.4694 Limitations:


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