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Born To Win By Muriel James PDF

Theoretically, we are born to win, each individual has all the qualities to succeed. Despite being born in a poor family, there are people who still show their best, live independently and contribute to the community Besides, some "losers" do not dare to take responsibility for their lives. . Those guys, past or future, can never make the most of the time they have without clarifying where they're going. Losers always deal with their teenage difficulties by manipulating or harming others instead of facing the truth. They try to manipulate others, make others victims or isolate themselves to justify themselves. Losing is repeating, repeating not only the mistakes of oneself, but also of the family and the society. On the contrary, victory is listening, learn and be willing to change when necessary.

Born To Win by Muriel James PDF

Twenty-five years and four million readers show thatBorn to Wincan change lives for the better. This bestselling classic uses the well-known psychological method called transactional analysis (TA) to uncover the roles we unconsciously act out day after day. Its fifty gestalt exercises have helped a generation realize how they communicate with others and think about themselves. If you want to have more control over your life, work more efficiently, and love others happily,Born to Winwill help bring out the insight and confidence of a born winner.

Rosalind Elsie Franklin, the brilliant chemist whose x-ray diffraction studies provided crucial clues to the structure of DNA and quantitatively confirmed the Watson-Crick DNA model, was born in London on July 25, 1920, the second of five children in a prominent Anglo-Jewish family. Her father Ellis Franklin was a partner at Keyser's Bank, one of the family's major businesses (publisher Routledge & Kegan Paul was another). Both he and his wife Muriel were active in charities and other community services. Rosalind attended St. Paul's School for Girls, which emphasized preparing its graduates for careers, not just for marriage. She had demonstrated an early aptitude for math and science, and an easy facility for other languages (she would eventually speak excellent French, good Italian, and passable German). Unlike many with a talent for languages, she had little ear for music; Gustav Holst, then music director at St. Paul's, once noted that Rosalind had improved to the point of singing "almost in tune." Franklin family vacations were often walking and hiking tours, and hiking became one of Rosalind's lifelong passions, as did foreign travel. 041b061a72


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