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The first explorers of the valley were so-called bugrovschiki [ru], robbers of ancient graves. In 1669, the governor of the Tobolsk rank [Wikidata] Petr Ivanovich Godunov told tsar Alexei Mikhailovich that gold, silver items and utensils were extracted from "Tatar graves" near the Iset River. As a result of bugrovschiki most treasures of the Siberian kurgans are lost forever.[9]


In 1712, a commander of Shadrinsk, prince Vasily Meshchersky, began excavations of kurgans to get gold, silver and copper items to replenish the state treasury by order of the Siberian governor prince Matvey Petrovich Gagarin [ru]. During the years 1715-1717 governor Gagarin sent Siberian treasures to Peter the Great four times. 250 ancient gold jewelry pieces sent by Gagarin became known as the Siberian collection of Peter the Great [Wikidata], which is now available in the State Hermitage at the gallery of jewels called "The Scythian Gold".[3][4]

Kurgans in the valley are associated with Sargats (and partly with Baitovo tribes) first of all. The number of kurgans reaches 177, a diameter of individual ones more than 60 m.[32] Many kurgans contain highly artistic artifacts made of gold, silver, gemstones and numerous decorations made in workshops of Ancient Egypt, slave-owning states of the Northern Black Sea Coast [Wikidata] and Central Asia.[22] So, during excavations of the Tyutrinsky grave field near the village Suerka in 1981, Natalya and Alexander Matveevs found beads from blue spinel, which is produced only in Hindustan, Sri Lanka and Borneo, and also a miniature (less than 2 cm in length) faience amulet of Harpocrates (Hellenistic tradition of an image of the Ancient Egyptian god Horus).[33] According to Alexander Matveev, the wealth of the Sargats' kurgans may indicate the Ingala Valley was a burial place of representatives of one or more Sargat "royal" families at the beginning of the Common Era, which had a source of enrichment from control of the supply of strategic goods along the Silk Road.[34] 041b061a72


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