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Haseo is introduced in the .hack//G.U. games as a famous player from "The World", a player killer known as "The Terror of Death".[29] He is searching for the legendary player killer Tri-Edge, who left his friend Shino in a coma in real life after killing her character.[30] He is guided by his former comrade, Ovan, to fight the AI Azure Kite under the assumption he is Tri-Edge. However, Haseo loses the fight and the PC completely reset.[31] As a result, Haseo is mistaken for a new player by Gaspard and Silabus, who ask him to become their guildmaster. Haseo also agrees to join the guild G.U. led by Yata, a System Administrator in The World R:2, to discover the reason behind a sudden increase in AIDA activity and Tri-Edge using it to leave players in a coma.[32] Haseo gains an "Avatar", Skeith, The Terror of Death, hidden within his PC, that has the ability to destroy AIDA.[33] Although initially cold and antisocial, Haseo comes to appreciate the friendships he makes across the trilogy. He also starts developing feelings for Atoli, a fellow player who encourages him to appreciate his time in The World, but is not until a later part of the trilogy that Haseo understands his feelings.[34]

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Haseo has also appeared in the anime television series .hack//Roots, where he is depicted as a new player who is invited to join Ovan's Twilight Brigade and search for a legendary item known as the Key of Twilight.[47] While dealing with a rival guild, TaN, Ovan disappears, and the other members abandon the guild, leaving only Shino and Haseo.[48] When Shino ends up in a coma after being attacked by Tri-Edge, Haseo becomes depressed and seeks revenge.[49] In his quest for power, Haseo meets the AI of The World's creator, Harald Hoerwick, who greatly upgrades Haseo's PC.[50] In the following months, he becomes known as "The Terror of Death" after defeating one hundred player killers, and meets Ovan again, who directs him to Azure Kite.[51] This leads to the events of the .hack//G.U. games as a weakened Haseo continues his journey.[52] An OVA titled .hack//Returner shows Haseo reuniting with his former comrades from G.U. and the Twilight Brigade following the events of the trilogy after receiving an email from the disappeared Ovan.[53]

Critics have also commented on media related to the games. IGN's take on the manga earned it a positive response because Haseo's quest is compelling thanks to player killers being something that does not discourage online gamers.[93] Despite calling him a "ruthless fighter", Carlo Santos of Anime News Network commented that Haseo's wish to save Shino makes him an appealing character.[94] Manga News felt that Haseo was a more striking character in the manga than in other versions because his cold personality contrasts with other shonen manga protagonists.[95] However, the reviewer criticized his change into a more traditional hero finding that Haseo loses most of his charisma following Ovan's defeat and that his love triangle with Atoli and Shino is poorly handled.[96][97] Ben Leary from Mania Entertainment felt the novel version of Haseo more enjoyable due to focus on his mind.[98] 041b061a72


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