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There are roughly 2,400 Dodge dealers scattered across the country and even more service centers with enough know-how to work on any of the three engines. Parts are always readily available. A basic oil change service is needed every 10,000 miles and it can cost anywhere from $100 to $170. A major service is required every 30,000 miles, in which case you can expect to pay roughly $600. From 100,000 miles and upwards, the car needs to be inspected for normal wear and tear. In most cases, you can expect at least a coolant flush, replacement of the spark plugs, and brake linings. Including parts and labor, you're looking at $1,500.

Scat Cowd-002.mpg

Beech generally turned out its models with adequate corrosion protection and my plane has had no problems living near the ocean. The only real corrosion issues seemed to come from the old black steel wire scat hose that Beech used as ducting. I replaced all mine years ago with modern ducting. When doing a prebuy exam, examine the ducting and know that black hoses are the bad ones, while the replacements are red. 041b061a72


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